When to Call an Emergency Locksmith


There are many reasons to call a locksmith, but few people distinguish between calling a locksmith and having to wait several hours for them to respond and calling an emergency locksmith such as Locksmith Liberty in Los Angeles.

When you need a fast response time.

Say for example, you are a woman in Los Angeles with several children, and you have had to file a court-ordered restraining order to protect your family. But you suspect no court-ordered paper will protect you. You may need your doors rekeyed fast, and you don’t have several hours to wait.

Do yourself a favor then, and call an emergency locksmith Los Angeles like Locksmith Liberty.

When time is of the essence, you may well need emergency locksmith services.

Emergency Entry

Another example. Say you have a teenager that has locked every entranceway to your home, and you think he or she may do harm to themselves. That’s another reason to call a 24 hours locksmith Los Angeles.

And a very common situation that is experienced is that for some reason, an elderly parent has locked the house. You are sure they are home, but they don’t respond to a knock on the doorbell or to a phone call.

Are they sick? Have they had a stroke or fallen in the bath. This is another example of the need for emergency entry.

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Post Burglary

Another reason you may need a 24 hour emergency locksmith is if you come home from work and discover your home has been burglarized.

You want then want to locks in your home to be changed immediately.

After all, not only do you not feel safe post burglary, but you may have to go to work in a few hours, leaving the home wide open for a second attempt by the same burglar or burglars.

Simple Lockouts

Of course, there are less dramatic, but never the less darn inconvenient reasons to call an emergency locksmith.

Let’s say you are totally locked out of your home and your son or daughter who has a spare key is over an hour or two away. Or it’s in the middle of the night, after returning from a 12-hour day at a restaurant, and you discover you left your house keys back at the restaurant.

You can’t call the owner of the restaurant to open it up, and you don’t want to spend the night at a hotel. What do you do, but call an emergency locksmith?

Key Failure

Another related reason for calling a 24-hour emergency locksmith is if you have a key failure. Somehow the key got damaged over time, and you insert it into either the ignition of your car or your front door, and the key just snaps, leaving a healthy chunk of metal in the front door.

Of course, key failure happens less in a warmer environment like Los Angeles, but in colder environments such as Minnesota or Michigan, where water can seep into a lock and freeze, emergency locksmiths keep quite busy.

Damaged Locks

Back to burglary situations. Quite often, people call Locksmith Liberty because someone attempted to break into either their house or their car.

As a consequence, it’s not that you do not have a key, but rather the lock having been damaged, keeping you from getting in the door of your house, your car, or your place of business.

In a case like this, you’ve really got no choice but to call a 24 hour, emergency locksmith.


Can't Find Your Keys

If you have lost your keys, our mobile service trucks have the capability of providing you a new set of keys for either your car, your house, or your small business.

We have helped many people, and trust us, you are not the first person to have required such service. It’s actually quite common.

And while we are mentioning our emergency service, do not fall into the habit of keeping an extra pair of car keys in a little magnet box under the body of your car, or a spare set of house keys under a little statue or beneath a potted plant near your entranceway.

Both car thieves and house burglars know of these little tricks, and that is one of the first places they will look.

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The Bottom Line

Keep the Emergency phone number of a 24 locksmith in the contacts of your phone, long before you ever need it.

Our is (213) 314-1971. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, and there is no emergency locksmith job we can’t handle.

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