Automotive locksmith Los Angeles

Automotive locksmith Los Angeles

Automotive Locksmith Services Los Angeles

At Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles we offer mobile automotive locksmith service rapidly to your place of choice. Our objective is to provide the vehicle locksmith service that you demand as swiftly as is possible to get you back behind the wheel. we also take appointments that is practical for you.

Our safe and secure locksmith service gives our customers peace of mind, and allows them to have the safe environment they deserve to live in, work in, and travel in. No matter where you are in the Los Angeles area and you need a professional locksmith for regular service, advice on security measures, customized locksmith measures, or emergency locksmith solutions, call us now at (213) 314-1971, and see why our customers trust us with their safety and security.


Car Keys and Car Lockouts

We’ve all had that moment. The moment we turn our backs on our car and wince, realizing the inevitable truth, that we need to find a locksmith for car key replacement and/or for getting into our vehicle as soon as possible. At Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles we’ve been helping Los Angeles area residents for over 10 years.

Our Automotive Locksmith Services we provide:

Vehicle Lockouts

Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles can unlock virtually any vehicle. We’ve gone to numerous clients who have had other locksmiths leave them stranded. We pride ourselves that in 10 years, we’ve never left a lockout customer stranded. If you call us to unlock your car, we will get it open for you.


Key Replacement

If you’ve lost your keys, don’t tow your car to the dealership. Instead, call the locksmith for car key replacement. Our specialists at Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles will come out and do, same-day complete key replacement. We can do standard car key replacement and duplication, but also offer car key replacement for high security keys including laser cuts, reverse cuts, sidewinder, or internal grooves. We can also turn your key into a switchblade flip key. Again, we offer this service on location, and often less than dealership prices.

Remote Program

Often cheaper than the dealership, we offer remote programming for many different makes and models of cars.

Computer Chip Keys/Smart Keys

We at Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles can program computer chip keys and smart keys on site, often cheaper than the dealership.


Ignitions that Don’t Work

The key won’t turn in the ignition, you’ve tried your old standards of turning the wheel and jiggling the key, even the tactic where you exert your will on the key while simultaneously hitting the dashboard. Still, nothing happens. At Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles we are often called by customers whose car key won’t turn the ignition or the key won’t come out of the ignition.

Keys for Car Door Locks

If you’ve recently purchased a car where the key to start the ignition no longer opens your door or trunk, we can create a new key to open your doors and trunk. If you do not want to have two keys for your car, we can usually rekey the ignition to make one key for the whole vehicle, making your system new again.


Does your vehicle have a keypad entry system? At Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles we have the ability to read the code on many newer vehicles with this feature. Once we have read your code, we can teach you how to add and delete codes, and use the code to lock and unlock your doors and trunk.

Locks, Hardware, and More

As a leading area commercial locksmith, Automotive Locksmith Los Angeles also specializes in hardware sales and providing our customers with the locks and security devices they’re looking for. Your business can consult with us about various security products on the market, well-respected products like Medeco Locks and Schlage. We choose well-respected manufacturers who are known for their quality materials. Inferior parts and products can detract from the overall security of your business. Talk to us (213) 314-1971 if you’re in the market to purchase new door hardware, new cam locks, new electronic locks, and more. We can source these materials for you, ensuring that you get the high-quality materials you need.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

Is your car key broken, missing, or stolen? Contact us today at Locksmith Liberty Los Angeles Los Angeles. We use specialist equipment to replace and duplicate car keys. Even if you are in a locked in or locked out situation, we are the expert auto locksmith in Los Angeles you can count on to offer a fast and efficient solution to your lock issues. An amazing experience awaits you.


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