When Should You Replace Locks Around The House?

When Should You Replace Locks Around The House?

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Home security is paramount, especially when there are so many home invasions and burglaries in LA nowadays. Don’t hesitate in taking initiative to replace the locks all over a newly purchased home. There is no telling who might have a copy of your house keys or even how many duplicates are out there. Having your locks rekeyed protects your properties and family from external security risks. Take the time to find a local locksmith you can trust for lock replacements. Here are instances when you should consider changing locks or getting your locks rekeyed:

  • When the home remains unused for a long time.
  • If the house has been burglarized or broken into.
  • When the locks are malfunctioning.
  • When you are in the middle of a messy divorce.
  • When instructed to by the building owners.
  • When you suspect there might be duplicates.

Planning for your lock replacements

Some of the considerations that should bear in mind when planning this lock overhaul are:

Schedule an appointment with a locksmith

Call a locksmith near me for house and talk to them about the work at hand. This Pre-meeting allows the locksmiths ample time to figure out the new locks to install at your home. It is also an opportunity for the experts to cut any new keys you will need with the new locks. It is usually cheaper to have your keys cut at the shop than when done at the actual site.

Change the locks the day after closing

Many new homeowners cannot wait to remove all the existing locks on a property they just closed on. While this is a perfectly understandable reaction, our experts point out that it is best to wait at least a day after closing to start the lock replacement. This slight delay buys you time to ensure the deal gets finalized.


Understand the process

Before calling the locksmith near me to schedule a replacement job, ensure you have the correct information. For a speedy and smooth process, you need to be aware of the following:

Types of locks

You should be aware of the types of locks that are currently in use at your residence. You should be able to explain the locking mechanism to the locksmith near me.


Have a clear-cut budget when scouting for a locksmith for a house near me. Go for functionality over aesthetics. Sometimes, it is cheaper to rekey the locks than to replace them altogether. Ask your locksmith to recommend affordable yet quality locks.



Old and defective locks pose a security risk to our homes. Talk to the expert and get their insight on the right locks for your property. Find a cheap locksmith near me and ask for recommendations on advanced home security systems.

Factors influencing the lock-changing process

Professional locksmiths don’t come cheap. Just search, “locksmith how much to replace locks.” These are the factors influencing your total locksmith Los Angeles bill.

Purchasing replacement locks

There are two ways to go about the process. One, you go out and use your discretion to purchase the necessary locks. You then call the locksmith to install the products. Or, two, you get lock recommendations from your locksmith and also pay them for the installation.

Types of locks

Locks come in a diverse variety and complexities. In tandem, the prices also vary significantly. High-security locks cost more than the regular mortise varieties.

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Extra work done

Does the replacement job only include fitting in the new lock? Or, will the affordable locksmith have to modify the door frames? If there is extra work, the labor charges skyrocket—partner with a cheap locksmith for reasonable and competitive lock replacement prices.

Number of locks to be replaced

The more the entry doors in your home, the bigger the bill you’re going to foot for their replacement. Don’t just count the number of doors, be specific on the types of locks on every door.

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Replacing locks is a technical task best left to the real pros. Attempting a DIY is a good idea, but it often leads to costly blunders. Save time and money by getting an experienced, licensed, and reliable locksmith to do all the heavy lifting for you. Call the bonded and insured residential locksmith at (213) 314-1971 to get a lock replacement estimate and free consultation. This family-owned locksmith LA business operates 24/7. Locksmith Liberty specializes in car key reprogramming, steering column repair, broken key extraction, car key duplication, transponder duplication, and car lockout services.

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