How to Prevent Break-ins at your Home


Is your home one of the many that are targeted by thieves every year? Home break-ins can be costly, both financially and emotionally. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t want your home to be broken into and robbed. So how can you prevent a break-in from happening? Here are some tips to help keep your home safe from burglars.

Tips to Prevent Burglary

There’s crime prevention and then there’s the prevention of crime. The Los Angeles Police Department wants you to be aware of your surroundings and call them if anything seems suspicious. With community policing, they work together as a neighborhood watch so that no one can take advantage or victimize those around them.

Keep your Garage Locked

When it comes to the safety of your home, you can never be too careful. Make sure that all windows and doors in an enclosed space such as your garage are locked at night with an external lock for added protection against intruders, who may target this type of environmental vulnerability. If you want to be able to control your garage door from afar, you may then opt to buy a smart opener. These devices let users check up on their garages while they’re out and about, as well as schedule it so that the gate will close at certain times.

Secure your Doors and Windows

Burglars are looking for easy targets, so it’s important to keep your doors locked even when you’re in the comfort of your home. Make sure all windows on the first floor of a house or apartment building have locks and use aluminum wired shutters if there is no security screen over them as well! Some smart devices can be used to keep an eye on your front door and windows. Sensors will alert you when they detect that any of the doors or panes in question have been left open, while locks may trigger their own automatic locking functions at set times. 

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Keep your Door Locks Updated

To protect your home, it’s important that you not only have quality locks on all exterior doors but also make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand an attempted break-in. First and foremost, of course, there should be a deadbolt for intruders trying harder than expected, so you might as well use this too! If possible, upgrade from old damaged frames or hinges since old, damaged ones could pose unnecessary risks in certain situations.

Best Types of Door Locks



Keep your Surroundings Lit

Motion-sensor outdoor lights will discourage intruders by illuminating your property when they detect movement. Rather than keeping a light on all the time, consider investing in sensors that turn it off after hours, so you don’t silhouette any approaching guests or any passersby. From high-end devices to budget-friendly options, there are plenty of outdoor security cameras on the market. You can boost your video surveillance system and keep those you love around as property safe with one of these handy tools.

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Install or Upgrade your Home Security System

Installing a home security system is one of the most important things you can do for your property. Not only will it keep out unwanted visitors, but it also gives peace of mind knowing that if there’s been any sort of break-ins or activity, then at least someone will be notified by it.

The best way to feel safe at home is by adding a layer of protection with security cameras. They can alert you if there’s movement in your yard or on the front porch, let alone let law enforcement know that someone might be trying to enter through your doors and windows. There are many budget-friendly security systems out there that you can install yourself. For example, DIY home automation kits will help make your house safer and more secure without breaking the bank!

Best Home Security System up to date



Already experienced Break-Ins?

If your home has already been broken into, then you know the feeling of violation and fear. Follow these simple steps to help increase your home’s security and give you peace of mind.

  • Do not enter. The perpetrator may still be inside. This is a dangerous situation and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Please stay away from the area until the authorities have cleared it.
  • If you experienced a break-in, use a neighbor’s phone to call the police. This way, you can stay safe and get the help that you need.
  • Do not touch anything. Leave everything as is. The police will inspect for evidence and determine what needs to be done in order to process the scene. Once they have finished, you can proceed with cleaning up.
  • If you see a suspicious vehicle, jot down the license plate number. This will help the authorities identify the car if it’s involved in any criminal activity.
  • If you experienced a break-in, note the descriptions of any suspicious persons. This can help Police identify and apprehend the offender.

Be proactive and keep track of your belongings. If you notice anything suspicious happening around the house, don’t go in! Call 911 right away so that the Police can arrive quickly on the scene with all information collected, thus far about any potential criminal activity or break-ins at risk before it gets worse.


While it can be difficult to think about, burglary is a very real threat for many homeowners. However, there are things you can do to make your home less of a target and increase the chances that any would-be burglars will move on to an easier target. By following these tips, you can help keep your family and possessions safe from harm. If you have already been the victim of a burglary, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in securing your home and preventing future break-ins.

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