4 Most Common Types of Car Keys

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For the majority of automotive history, you’ve used a simple mechanical key to start your engine and unlock the trunk. During the previous three decades, several new security technologies have emerged that have altered how people get into their cars.

At first, it may appear to be a confusing number of choices, but most modern vehicle keys fit into one of four categories. The good news is that even if you’ve lost the original keys, a professional car locksmith can replace any of these types for you!

Mechanical Keys

These are the most basic automobile keys, which may be seen in older cars. They’re twist-and-go keys, to be precise. No special coding was discovered here. This key can be produced using any metal-cutting machine.

The tumblers have a distinct pattern of “teeth” and grooves cut into them that correspond to the pin setting of a specific lock. Unless there is a perfect fit, the lock will not turn over.

The process of making and duplicating mechanical keys is simple to accomplish with a machining tool, and this service is readily accessible. You’ve probably gone to a hardware store or a retail chain and had your house key copied before. When it comes to creating mechanical automobile keys, It’s preferable for a locksmith to make duplicates or copies of the key for you to ensure that they are cut properly and that they will last a long time. Chain stores don’t always have the most up-to-date equipment or highly trained staff on hand.

A mechanical key cutting device is not a big piece of equipment and maybe carried into mobile locksmith vans, allowing these to be cut on-site immediately during a lockout situation. In most situations, an expert locksmith will not require a copy of the original key to create a new one; instead, all they need is access to the lock itself.

Transponder Keys

Transponders are a cutting-edge variation on the standard automobile key. On the surface, they resemble a conventional mechanical key. But look closer and you’ll notice that it lacks teeth or has a considerably simpler pattern than usual. The key head also has an electronic chip built in, which is known as a “transponder.” This chip generates a unique digital code that is sent to the microcomputer in the vehicle. The key won’t operate if the code isn’t correct.

Transponders all have the same code, which has some disadvantages. This makes duplicating the key or creating an emergency substitute easier and is something that any competent car locksmith should be able to do. It also makes it simpler for thieves to break into a vehicle’s security system.

Many automobiles produced in recent years now have a “rolling code” technology, making transponder keys more secure. This means the transponder code changes automatically over time. This increases the security of these by a significant amount but also makes them considerably more difficult to duplicate.

Laser Cut Transponder Key

Laser-cut keys are a more advanced kind of mechanical card key, made with high-quality laser cutting equipment. The higher accuracy enables intricate designs of teeth that can’t be produced using regular mechanical cutting equipment. These are also cut in such a manner that they may be fit into locks either way and still work.

Consider laser-cut transponder keys to be more secure transponder keys. These are laser-cut to very precise dimensions, necessitating a thorough understanding of rekeying and locksmithing. A locksmith who specializes in automobile rekeying may often generate laser-cut keys for less than you’d pay at the dealership.

Proximity FOBs

Proximity keys, or FOBS, are one of the newest car access solutions. They resemble remotes (and may even have buttons on them) but can actually start the automobile or unlock the doors when you’re near it. If the battery dies, you may need assistance replacing one of these, or you could simply upgrade a basic key to a proximity FOB. 

Automotive locksmiths can quickly reprogram standard fobs because they are cheap and simple to do so. Check to see whether the battery is dead before assuming that a fob has broken down. In unusual cases, radio interference may prevent a fob from operating.

Trust Us For All Your Automotive Locksmith Needs

There are a variety of distinct sorts of keys in use. Mechanical options remain popular, but more recent vehicles include advanced security features. A professional automobile locksmith must stay up with the entire market and its continuous changes to stay competitive.

When it comes time to have a car key replaced or duplicated, it’s important to go with a qualified locksmith who understands the latest technologies and has the equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and securely.

Locksmith Liberty is a locksmith company in Los Angeles that provides automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. We have the latest equipment and highly skilled technicians on staff to handle any locksmith needs you may have. Give us a call today!

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