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Deadbolt for French Doors

French doors are a popular feature for many homes, offering elegance and abundant natural light. However, their wide glass panes and double-door design make them a potential security vulnerability. Installing a deadbolt for French doors can help ensure your home remains secure.

Why Use a Deadbolt for French Doors?

  • Enhanced Security: Deadbolts are more resistant to forced entry than standard locks.
  • Added Stability: They provide extra stability for the often fragile double-door mechanism.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your French doors are secured with a deadbolt gives you peace of mind.

How a Deadbolt Improves French Door Security

  • Reinforced Locking: Deadbolts add a strong layer of security by reinforcing the door frame.
  • Single Key Access: Some deadbolts can be keyed to work with your main house key for simplicity.
  • Anti-Pry Mechanism: Modern deadbolts often feature anti-pry mechanisms to prevent tampering.

Choosing the Right Deadbolt for French Doors

1. Single vs. Double Cylinder:

  • Single Cylinder: Operates with a key from outside and a thumb turn from inside.
  • Double Cylinder: Requires a key to open from both sides, ideal for doors with nearby glass panels.

2. Keyless Deadbolts:

  • Keyless or smart deadbolts allow you to lock/unlock the door via a keypad or smartphone app.

3. Material Quality:

  • Choose deadbolts made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or brass for durability.

Table: Comparison of Deadbolt Types for French Doors

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Single Cylinder Easy to use from the inside, quick to operate. Vulnerable if a burglar breaks nearby glass and reaches the thumb turn.
Double Cylinder More secure due to requiring a key from both sides. Requires a key to unlock from inside, which can be a fire hazard.
Keyless Deadbolt Convenient with advanced security features like alarms or logs. Dependent on batteries or internet connection and may require regular updates.

Installing a Deadbolt for French Doors

  • Assess the Door Frame: Ensure the door frame is sturdy enough to hold the deadbolt securely.
  • Choose the Lock Position: Typically, the deadbolt is installed at shoulder height or higher.
  • Measure and Drill: Measure the door thickness, mark the deadbolt location, and drill the necessary holes.
  • Install the Strike Plate: The strike plate reinforces the door frame, preventing it from splintering under force.
  • Mount the Deadbolt: Secure the deadbolt and ensure the mechanism aligns with the strike plate.

Benefits of Professional Deadbolt Installation

  • Expert Knowledge: Locksmiths understand various door types and the best deadbolt for your needs.
  • Secure Fit: They ensure a tight fit between the bolt and the strike plate for optimal security.
  • Key Convenience: Locksmiths can rekey the deadbolt to match your existing house key.


1. What is the best type of deadbolt for French doors?

A double-cylinder deadbolt provides added security by requiring a key on both sides. However, ensure you have the key accessible in an emergency. Alternatively, smart deadbolts offer convenience with modern security features.

2. Can I install a deadbolt myself, or do I need a professional?

If you’re comfortable with basic tools, a deadbolt installation can be a DIY project. However, professionals ensure precise alignment and maximum security with specialized tools and knowledge.

3. Does adding a deadbolt to French doors affect their appearance?

Deadbolts come in various finishes and designs, allowing you to choose one that matches your French doors. With the right selection, the deadbolt can blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.

4. Can a deadbolt prevent burglars from breaking into my French doors?

While no lock is entirely burglar-proof, a deadbolt significantly increases resistance to forced entry. When combined with strong frames and additional security measures, it can effectively deter break-ins.

5. Will a keyless deadbolt work for French doors?

Yes, keyless deadbolts can be a great option for French doors, providing quick access and eliminating the need for keys. Ensure it’s securely programmed and updated regularly to avoid security risks.

6. Do double-cylinder deadbolts present safety concerns?

Double-cylinder deadbolts require a key from the inside, which can be problematic during emergencies like fires. Keep a key in an easily accessible yet hidden spot to quickly unlock the door from inside.

7. What additional security measures can I take for French doors?

Consider installing a secondary lock like a foot bolt, reinforcing the door frame, or adding window security film to prevent breaking the glass. An alarm system is also beneficial.


A deadbolt for French doors offers much-needed security for a popular but often vulnerable entry point. Locksmith Liberty in Los Angeles, CA, provides professional deadbolt installation services that ensure your French doors remain secure. Contact us today to fortify your home’s entrances and enjoy peace of mind.

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deadbolt for french doors - Locksmith Liberty

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French doors are a popular feature for many homes, offering elegance and abundant natural light. However, their wide glass panes and double-door design make them

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