6 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles to Live in

Los Angeles
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Los Angeles is a city with many neighborhoods, and it can be difficult to know which one to live in. There are so many factors that people consider when they make this decision – the commute time, the safety of the area, how much money you want to spend on rent or mortgage payments each month. But there’s no need to worry! We’ve compiled our list of Best Neighborhoods in LA and narrowed down where you should move based on your needs.

1. Beverly Hills & Bel-Air

Many elderly movie producers, your grandparents’ friends, and Jed Clampett live in Beverly Hills. If you’ve never been there before it’s exactly how people picture luxurious places like this: lavish with rich accents that make everything feel clean; an embarrassment of riches if ever there was one. But also living testament to the Los Angeles dream which reminds us all to work harder than anyone else because our city has given so many great things.

For many years, Beverly Hills was the epicenter of fine dining in Los Angeles. Downtown’s culinary explosion has lessened it a bit but some amazing restaurants can still be found around here: Fogo de Chão (only describable as “the Disneyland of churrascaria”), Wolfgang Puck’s best restaurants (Cut, Spago and Hotel Bel-Air). Also on game is Urasawa, Sasabune, Ginza Onodera— all life-changing/wallet-busting omakase sushi experiences!

2. Chinatown

The once-dreaded Los Angeles Chinatown is on the rise. Though it was originally home to many immigrants in search of new beginnings, today’s version has expanded far beyond its Union Station borders and into what some people refer to as “New Chinatown”.  Even as it expanded to include more than just dim sum, this haven of a dining scene was drawing crowds with the arrival of Howlin’ Ray’s. 

There are a number of great restaurants in the area. Some of my personal favorites include David Chang’s Majordomo, Amboy Quality Meats for their amazing cuts and sandwiches or even just to try some beer from Highland Park Brewery’s second taproom.

3. Atwater Village

Atwater Village is the type of neighborhood you want to call home if your friends’ parents are cooler than yours. It has an interesting blend between Silver Lake and Los Feliz, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get funky if you want to. Every single house in this neighborhood in LA looks notably different from one another. Imagine the breathtaking view from a house in San Francisco. With houses of all different colors and designs, these structures were built during the 1920s so most have an old-fashioned look about them that makes them romanticized for this era. Atwater Village is a diverse, fun neighborhood in LA that offers something for everyone. You can find family recipes at  Viva Tacos Azteca  (get lengua), delicious pupusas from El Buen Gusto,, and even an amazing restaurant hidden behind India Sweets & Spices Groceries Store! Glendale Boulevard has some great restaurants like Dune, Hail Mary Pizza to choose from as well as bars such as Club Tee Gee if you want more of your nightlife experience. 

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4. Echo Park

One of LA’s most unique neighborhoods, Echo Park offers a taste for the historic and trendsetting with its old-world charm. With an array or great restaurants to choose from as well as frequent street fairs, this hipster haven is sure not only be worth your time but also affordable enough that you won’t feel bad about taking in all these fun things. Sunset Blvd is the place to be for tacos, beer joints and small plates that are big on flavor. You can find everything from Guisado’s with slow-cooked meats in their mouthwatering tortillas all the way down through Ostrich Farm who specialize only in American cuisine at its finest.

5. Frogtown

The warehouse-heavy neighborhood of Frogtown is just waiting for development. In this area, you can find La Colombe Coffee’s LA flagship location and an awesome mom & pop operation called Frogtown Brewery that also operates from a warehouse space. Frogtown is a hidden gem in LA. Whether you’re looking for the best sandwiches or want to get your bike fixed at Spoke Bicycle Cafe, there’s something here that will satisfy you. The nearby Wax Paper serves up some delicious food and has an awesome atmosphere while Salazar offers arguably one of Los Angeles’ Best Palomas as well as great tacos made from scratch on homemade tortillas right outside their doorstep.

6. Culver City

Culver City is a beautiful, bustling city that has been evolving for years. In the beginning, it wasn’t always so hip and trendy, but then again everywhere does change over time. Nowadays you can find Sony and Columbia employees settling in this area with an eye toward not getting stuck on their daily commutes, though the Expo Line helps that out. Culver City is quickly becoming a hot spot for those who enjoy Culver’s great cuisine. Though it may not be possible to dine inside of the mind-bending designed building, chef Jordan Kahn has shifted his menu from cooking at a restaurant location and now offers Japanese-style tasting menus that are sure to please any palate.

Culver City
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